About Us

Based on a concept created in 2010 and developed beginning in 2011 by Bill Rolik, veteran Mopar enthusiast, parts vendor and Super Stock racer (www.billrolikenterprises.com), Moparchaeology.com is a fabulous new way to meld YOUR personal and individual passion for any and all segments of the Mopar/Chrysler-product transportation world (vehicles, equipment and information) with a strong emphasis on historical preservation, through a comprehensive and continuously evolving online archive, and combined with the power of social and electronic networking.

The vision, products and services offered by Moparchaeology.com reflect extensive personal experience with Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles built during the "musclecar" era between 1962 and 1974. This diverse background includes, but is not limited to, OEM/original cars, high performance street machines, technical information, sales, product development, and NHRA drag racing in Super Stock and Stock Eliminators, and was simply the launch point for our entry into the ENTIRE Chrysler/Mopar world, the world that YOU will experience on this site! Subsequently, and with YOUR participation, the continuation of these experiences will guide us to meet the future needs and desires of our enthusiasts, contributors, advertisers, and customers alike.

The Business "In The Beginning"

Bill Rolik Enterprises, the foundation on which Moparchaeology.com is based, was originally created in 1990, but the Mopar "fever" originally took hold at age 13 back in 1964 (yes, I have my AARP card), when, while attempting to fill up the family shopping cart at the West Caldwell, NJ Acme supermarket (favorite shopping destination of Wile E. Coyote) with everything I could grab, I selected a copy of Hot Rod (or maybe it was Car Craft) which included a feature story called "The Darts Are Coming", which would call attention to the installation of the "new" 273 small block V-8 engines into A-Body Mopars. I was fascinated by the story, and continued to gather more interest and knowledge about these cars and all other Chrysler products. Those initial learning experiences fueled a consistent passion for "all things Mopar" which carries through to this day.

Working for a Living

In the fall of 1971, after my first full time work experiences at two local Shell service stations, I signed up as a technician at Totowa Chrysler Plymouth in Totowa, NJ, owned by the legendary area mega-dealer "Wild Bill" Peretti. After a few months, I was transferred to their new sister dealership at Rockland Chrysler Plymouth in Nanuet, NY. I continued my emerging career there, taking training courses at the Chrysler Corporation New York Zone Parts/Sales/Service facility conveniently located in Tappan, NY. Since I was a fairly new employee, the service management also gave me the added "bonus" of handling all of the water leaks. I hate to admit it, but apparently I was so good at fixing them that one of my co-workers nicknamed me "Frogman". A somewhat dubious honor, to be sure!

While at Rockland CP, and during the first oil embargo in 1973, one of many comical incidents took place which reflected the times, and makes for a great "war story" about our hobby. Our dealership management had an arrangement with the service station across the street to have them shut their lights off at 6PM, in order to give the appearance of being closed, so as to subsequently reduce the wait time on the fill-up lines at the pumps for dealership employees to purchase fuel for their cars. One Friday night, while I was in line for fuel for my 70 Satellite wagon, I looked back at our dealership across the street and joked with a fellow employee about the fact that sitting on the front line of the used car area, directly under the lights, were a 71 4-speed Hemi Cuda (EV2), and a 70 4-speed Hemi Road Runner (Also EV2). They had been there for weeks. The Hemi cars had been offered for 3500.00 each with no takers. The following Monday, when I came into work, I noticed they were gone. I asked the Sales Manager what had happened to the Hemi cars. He said that over the weekend, since they had no "bites" on either car for such a long period of time, they were both WHOLESALED to one of the high volume lots on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. Both cars were never seen again.

During the next few years, which involved other dealership employment opportunities, I became rather disillusioned with the "flat-rate" and "dummy warranty" games (many of you know what I am talking about). I also got tired of loading all of my tools into the back of my car each night in order to do work at home on neighbor cars or race cars. In 1976, I moved behind the parts counter for good. Dealership parts counter sales and management, and part time employment at CA Speedcenter (Fairfield, NJ) and later Van Iderstine Speed Center (same location) continued until 1980. I then signed on with Ryder Truck Rental as Parts Manager through 1983, when I switched gears to work for Prevost Car Inc., the Canadian manufacturer of luxury tour coaches, motorhomes (among many others, John Force is a Prevost Motorhome owner), and entertainer coaches as Purchasing Agent, and later as Parts Manager. The US headquarters of Prevost was located, until recently, in Lyndhurst, NJ. One of the principal owners of Prevost Car was Bill Campbell, who was George Hurst's original partner in Hurst-Campbell Performance, who as we know built the 68 Hemi Super Stock cars, and performed other contracted work for Chrysler back in 1968. Mr. Campbell (now retired from Prevost and his RV business operations, and a lifelong certified car nut), with his extensive engineering background, once had the late John Delorean working for HIM at General Motors, during his previous tenure there.

After a steady run of 17 years at Prevost, the all-too-familiar scenario of "corporate restructuring" took place in 2000, involving myself and other co-workers. Literally overnight, my part-time occupation of N.O.S. Mopar parts dealer became a full-time business. Also, I am employed with Prestige Motors Inc. (Mercedes Benz) of Paramus, NJ as the Field Business Development Representative for our large Wholesale Parts Division. Reflecting back on all of this, including my dealership experiences, cross-country NOS parts-buying trips, and long-time race car activities, I am fortunate to have had such a diverse and interesting work history, and there isn't much I would have changed along the way. As this relates to the Mopar musclecar parts business, being actively involved when "our favorite cars" were still new definitely has its advantages!

The Personal Page

Musical Interests: Very diverse. Classic Rock, Blues, 50's, Motown, English Folk, Cajun/Zydeco, Etc. From "In The Still Of The Night" to "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" and beyond. Sorry, no Rap or Hip-Hop, but I am happily a major Fillmore East and Capitol Theater veteran (first concert was Jethro Tull 12/69).

Lifelong World War II history buff. My dad served with the Marines in the Pacific. (Don't pass up a ride in the B-17 bomber when it comes to your area).

Participation in league ice hockey each Friday, except when attending Mopar shows. (Amazingly, all my teeth are "original equipment").

Extensive travel in US, especially National Parks and many other historical spots (48 states and counting. Only TX and AK are left on my list!).

Whitewater rafting (CO, WV, NY and UT to date).

Egyptology (when I have a few spare minutes).

Began competing in NHRA Super Stock in 1975. Recent activities have been delayed somewhat, as "life and business get in the way", but initial plans are underway to return in a partnership arrangement with a proven top level SS/JA 71 340 Cuda. Partial sponsorship opportunities are available.


Big Fan Of:

New York Rangers New York Rangers
New York Yankees
New York Giants
NHRA Super Stock and Stock
NHRA Pro Stock
WRC (World Rally Championship)

Moderate Fan Of:

New York Mets
New York Jets
New Jersey Nets
New York Knicks

No Fan Of:

New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders (Sorry, Steve J.)

Fun Stuff:

Favorite Movies, Vintage:

American Graffiti Indiana Jones (All)
Stars Wars (All)
Blues Brothers
The Godfather
The Longest Day
The Italian Job (original)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
American Graffiti
Animal House
Guns Of Navarone
Guadalcanal Diary
Grand Prix
Dr. Zhivago
Lawrence Of Arabia

Favorite Movies, Recent:

The Italian JobSaving Private Ryan
Batman Series
Donnie Brasco
Three Kings
Oceans 11-12-13
Independence Day
Enemy At The Gates
The Thin Red Line
The Italian Job (remake)
Flags Of Our Fathers
Letters From Iwo Jima
Inglourious Basterds
American Sniper
Hacksaw Ridge

Favorite Mini Series:

Band of BrothersBand Of Brothers
The Pacific

Favorite TV, Vintage:

Car 54, Where Are You?
Leave It To Beaver
McHale's Navy
Rat Patrol
Sgt. SchultzCHIPS
Rockford Files
Wild Wild West
Hogan's Heroes
The Avengers
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Secret Agent
Saturday Night Live (when it was actually funny)
The Rifleman
Route 66
77 Sunset Strip
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Peter Gunn
My 3 Sons

Favorite TV, Recent:

The X-Files The X-Files
Monster Garage
American Chopper
Dirty Jobs
The Sopranos
Ice Road Truckers
Deadliest Catch
Ax Men
Mail Call
Boston Legal
TLC (almost anything)
Discovery Channel (almost anything)
History Channel (almost anything)
Speed Channel (do I have to explain that?)
Shark Tank
American Pickers
Pawn Stars
American Restoration
Wheeler Dealers
Gas Monkey Garage

Favorite Mopars:


70-71 E-Body convertibles
70 Challenger T/A and AAR Cuda
71 Cuda and Challenger 340


70 Coronet R/T and Super Bee
62 Dodge Dart/Plymouth Fury 383/343 (The "Mystery" Police Pkg.)
66 Coronet Hemi Post Sedans
71 340 Duster
69 440 Cuda/Dart
Mr. Norm GSS Demons
Modern Muscle:
2008-2016 Challenger and Hellcat

Favorite Non-Mopars:

Ferrari 250 GTO Mini-Coopers (Otherwise known as "go-karts with a roof")
Triumph TR-4A (British Racing Green, of course)
63 Corvette "Split Window" Coupe
C6 Corvette Coupes
C7 Corvette
Shelby Mustangs (All versions)
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 275 GTB/4
Ferrari 250 LM
Ford GT40
Chaparral (All versions)
Mercedes Gullwing
(Yes, I do have good taste!)