Mission Statement

Welcome To Moparchaeology.com!

Our purpose is simple:

You are an enthusiast, and proud owner of a Chrysler-product passenger car, truck, or drag racer. You may own a concours-level Hemi Cuda, a yet-to-be-restored DeSoto Firedome, or a wheelstanding Max Wedge Super Stocker. Or maybe a 42 Willys Jeep with a mounted .50 caliber. It may even be a restored 69 Fury Police cruiser. Perhaps though, you worked on the assembly line at the Chrysler Lynch Road plant, possess an outstanding "promo" model collection, or your only link to the past is a photo or postcard of your local hometown Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge dealership.

Since we are all amateur (but very serious) historians at heart, and are likely obsessed with every detail of our automotive past, it is all good! So we are inviting you to share your personal story, experiences, archival information, and/or photos with the worldwide Mopar community.

Remember, at www.moparchaeology.com, HISTORY SAVED IS HISTORY MADE!

Welcome to the family!